AquaFlow Pro, 700cm² 0.45 Micron Disposable Filter, Includes Interface Tube (AF-Pro045)

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Our newest, fastest and most efficient filter with the quality of the QuickFilter (QF045) you’re used to!

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Our newest, fastest and most efficient filter with the Aqua Bailers quality you’re used to!

The AquaFlow Pro (AF-Pro045) is a lab tested disposable filter that allows for the fast, free flow of water without the need for a transfer vessel. These disposable groundwater filter cartridges are certified to the highest degree of accuracy through independent lab analysis. Each of our filters come with a “Bailer Interface Tube” which allows the filter to be inserted directly into the bottom of the bailer. The polyethersulfone (PES) membrane allows for fast and accurate processing of dissolved metal tests. The snug fit ensures no leakage and gravity forces the water through the vessel, eliminating the need for an additional pressure source or transfer vessel.

Cm² media pertains to the actual size of the filter media which directly correlates to the effectiveness of the media’s ability to filter sediment. The AquaFlow Pro filter features a 700 cm² size media making it the fastest filter we currently sell!

Filter Comparison Chart

Filter Comparison Chart

Click here for the AquaFlow Pro Specification Sheet.


Micron Rating:                                                     0.45μm

Turbidity Level:                                                    Cloudy

Capsule Material:                                              Manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene

Media Filter Material:                                       Polyethersulfone (PES)

Max Operating Pressure:                                60 PSI

Capsule Length:                                                80 mm or 3.2 inches

Capsule Diameter:                                           75 mm or 3.0 inches

Universal Filter Inlet:                                        Stepped barbed tip fits 3/8″ i.d. polyethylene,  3/8″, 1/4″ & 3/16″ i.d. silicone tubing.

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