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Polyethylene (PY) – A tough, light, flexible synthetic resin made by polymerizing ethylene, chiefly used for plastic manufacturing. Often referred to as the most economical, non-transparent bailer in the groundwater sampling industry.

Disposable Polyvinyl (DP) – Disposable Polyvinyl Chloride; a synthetic thermoplastic material made by polymerizing vinyl chloride. DP bailers provide you with a visual representation of your groundwater sample, as the tubing is transparent.

Teflon™ (TF) – Also known as, FEP, Fluorinated Ethylene Propyleneis a copolymer of hexafluoropropylene and tetrafluoroethylene. The environmental industry uses these types of bailers to sample groundwater from more corrosive environments. Teflon won’t warp or crack when sampling in these corrosive environments unlike other materials such as Poly/PVC.

SinkFast (SF) –  the only hybrid bailer of its kind in the industry, combines the cost savings of Polyethylene end caps with the rigidity and field tested weight design of PVC tubing. It is guaranteed to be the fastest sinking bailer in the market.

Bailer – A long, cylindrical container fitted with a valve at its lower end, used to remove water, sand, mud, drilling cuttings, or oil from a well in groundwater sampling.

Mini Bailers – Bailers that have been designed to fit down 2” well casings to retrieve groundwater samples.

Biggie Bailers – Bailers that have been designed to fit down 4” well casings to retrieve groundwater samples.

AquaClear – Our branded name for our Disposable PVC bailers, synonymous with disposable polyvinyl (DP) bailers.

Permanent Bailers – Permanent Re-Usable PVC bailers. These heavy-duty bailers are often used for dedicated groundwater sampling wells. Must be decontaminated after every use to avoid cross contamination.

Gloves – All gloves sold through Aqua Bailers are Microflex. We are a proud re-seller of almost all Microflex glove products.

Rite In The Rain – All-Weather products that enable the ability to record and document your environmental findings in any weather condition.

AquaFlow Filter (AF) – A branded 0.45 micron disposable non-hydrophilic filter used for transfer or liquid sample. Need’s transfer vessel or pressurized pump to function properly. Attaches to bottom of bailer inlet for use.

QuickFilter (QF) – A lab tested disposable filter that allows the free flow of water without need for a transfer vessel or pressurized pump. Attaches to bottom of bailer inlet for use. QuickFilters come in 0.45/1.00/5.00 micron thicknesses.

Cordage – All types of twine/rope that attach to the top of a bailer. Used for lowering down the bailers into the groundwater aquifer.

Alconox – A concentrated, powdered precision cleaner that is ideal for removing contaminants from glassware, metals, plastics, ceramic, porcelain, rubber, fiberglass and most commonly, bailers, in our industry.

Liquinox – A concentrated liquid critical cleaning detergent. It is extremely mild and completely soluble in hard or soft water. Liquinox is phosphate free and comes in gallon or quart sizes.

Check Valve – A valve that closes to prevent backward flow of liquid. Bailers utilize these to collect water samples inside the tube as the bailer is lowered into the water column inside the underground well.

Point Source Sampler – Bailer that allows sampling of specific depth by utilizing a check valve at both top and bottom of the bailer, (Also known as a Double-Check Valve Bailer)

VOC Tip – Volatile Organic Contaminant Tips, designed to fit onto specific dedicated bailers (Poly/DP/TF/SF). These tips reduce water flow and agitation of sample from the bailer when emptying out the unit for analysis of volatile organic compounds for lab testing purposes. These tips are also commonly referred to as Slow Emptying Devices in the environmental industry.

Volume Purging – Purging is the process of removing stagnant water from a well, immediately prior to sampling, causing its replacement by groundwater from the adjacent formation that is representative of actual aquifer conditions. Aqua Bailers makes special dedicated bailers (PY35/DP35) designed just for this type of job, known as “Biggie Bailers.“

Groundwater Sampling – The act of periodically checking/testing underground aquifers with groundwater retrieval tools through pre-drilled monitoring wells. EPA mandates companies/individuals to test these monitoring wells whenever volatile organic compounds are near the aquifer.

Specific Gravity – The ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a standard, usually water for a liquid or solid, and air for a gas. In groundwater sampling, it refers to the density of bailer materials in relation to the groundwater. Thus why certain bailers are made of different materials allowing them to sink quicker. Permitting users the ability to sample, purge and analyze faster in the field.

Free Product/FreePhase – A term to describe hydrocarbon contamination which is present as a discrete substance rather than mixed with water or soil, commonly used to refer to LNAPLs floating on a layer of water or visible at surface.

LNAPLs – A Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) is a groundwater contaminant that is not soluble in water and has lower density than water, in contrast to a DNAPL which has higher density than water. Measured utilizing VOC tips on the inlet of bailers.

DNAPLs – Chlorinated solvents are typically immiscible in water, having low solubility in water by definition, yet still have a solubility above the concentrations allowed by drinking water protections. Therefore, DNAPLs, which are chlorinated solvents, can act as an ongoing pathway for constituents to dissolve into groundwater. Measured utilizing VOC tips on the inlet of bailers.

Approximate Amount of Water in a Well

Diameter of casing or hole (in.)Gallons per foot of depthCubic feet per foot of depthLiters per meter of depth











Capacity of Tanks

Tank diameter

Gallons per foot depth