FEP/Teflon™ Disposable Bailers, 1.6″ Outside Diameter, Case of 12

$185.72$441.03 per case

The Aqua Bailers® FEP bailer is made from 100% virgin material and is our most durable disposable bailer.



Our FEP/Teflon™ disposable groundwater bailer is made from 100% virgin material (unlike others) and is our most durable disposable bailer. FEP/Teflon™ stays sturdy in the most corrosive and reactive situations and is ideal in certain sampling situations. Utilizing a Teflon™ ball and a stainless-steel weight, the protection of your sample is unparalleled. If you are dealing with organics, our FEP/Teflon™ disposable bailers are your solution.

Outside Diameter:       1.6″

Length:                           12″, 18″, or 36″

Case Size:                      Twelve Bailers


FEP/Teflon™ is typically used when sampling for organics.

Check Valves

Single check groundwater bailers have only one check valve at the bottom to retain the sample during retrieval.

Double check groundwater bailers have an additional check valve at the top to eliminate sample contamination during retrieval when sampling at a specific depth (point source sampling.)


The weights are used to facilitate a more rapid sink rate to decrease overall time required to collect a groundwater sample.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 7 × 6 in

12", 18", 36"

Check Valve

Single, Double


Unweighted, Weighted, Double-Weighted